We've Loved Before, 2011
Sound installation

Every morning at 09:00 the radio plays the song
We've Loved Before by Henry Mancini.
From the open window of the room the sound reaches the rest
of the apartments of the building through the skylight.
Space and music are utilised to transmit a constructed sense of habit.

The visitor of the apartment can hold on to a mini cd containing the song that was recorded in the skylight on the 18.05.2011. (duration 04:18)

Installation created for the action For Rent
that consisted of a group show installed in an Athens apartment, available for rent. The visitor that was interested to rent the space got
a tour of the apartment and, without a previous notice from the owner,
got a tour of the exhibits as well.

We've Loved Before extract 01:20

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 We've Loved Before, mini cd cover