The Dance Floor, Through Our Dirty Pop Corn, 2016
Temporary installation, mattocks and pop corn garland, dimensions 2,5 x 2,5 x 1,5 m

The Dance Floor, Through Our Dirty Pop Corn was a temporary installation that framed a square space for dancing with a large opening. As a construction it was primarily based on boxing rings and was inspired by dancing as a spectacle, as labour and torture especially as it was filmed by Sydney Pollack in "They Shoot Horses Don't They" (1969) and as was sung by Demis Roussos in the song "We Shall Dance".

Installed in the sixth and final edition of the The Soft Power Lectures "which aimed to be a polyphonic event on a basketball court at Panteion University. At the Soft Power Lecture Show, various material was presented, such as artist books, videos, lectures, artworks and apparatuses that have been produced within the context of the Soft Power Lectures of the Temporary Academy of Arts (PAT). This discursive and variable material formed a particular narrative around the South and its subjects that counters its stereotypical depiction. Recurring themes of the Soft Power Lectures series have been the reflection on our institutional surroundings, precarity and labour issues as well as the mechanisms of the art field."

*As part of a decision to work within or on the side of institutions, the Temporary Academy of Arts (PAT) was initiated by Elpida Karaba in 2013.

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