Lift me up a little bit(Highness), April 15- June 15, Weimar, 2010

During djing in different cafes, clubs, bars and venues people would occasionally ask me: "Will you lift me up a little bit!?". Djs agree this to be quite a frequent and common request, when one needs to feel elevated by music in their night out. This request resounded in me when in Weimar while also experiencing aspects of the sonic effect "synechdoche"- that uncanny feeling of needing a reassuring familiar acoustic grip. For this action I borrowed the same quest for elevation "Lift me up a little bit?" and addressed it to the passers by in the serene, serene Weimar. Grateful for all the tight hugs within the spectrum of slight to high elevation- and with just a little fall.

Thesis for the Bauhaus- University, Weimar, Germany.
Supported by the Greek State Scholarship Foundation