Thank you for visiting my website. This is where i keep some documents of what i have been doing.

My research-based practice investigates the ways through which processes of socialization directed by the ears are revealed in narratives, spaces, objects and human behavior. It is a sculptural practice which includes writing, painting, performance, and public projects delivered through a multitude of media, encountered both within and outside gallery environments, as well as collaboration. Some of the notions that I have been trying to explore apart from the basic scheme transmitter - receiver, are responsibility and control. I studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts and in 2010 I received my MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus-University of Weimar, Germany.

Until October 2019 the writing will be concentrated on completing my PhD.
The research is done in the Department of Art Theory and History at the Athens School of Fine Arts, while i am researching on the experience of sound in the Athenian apartment building.

EMAIL: thaliaraftopoulou (at)

STUDIO: 8 Kouma str., 11471, Athens - Lycabettus, Greece