26-30 August 2023
, the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna international conference for interdisciplinary research on music and performing arts, Reichenau an der Rax, Austria, on-site presentation: "Sound Affect and Public Space in the case of the Athenian Apartment Building, 'Polykatoikia'".

June 30- July 3, 2022
13th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research 2022, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, MEND BLEND ATTEND
Online presentation "Transitionality, Listening and Time in Artistic Research", part of the 24h "Long Conversation".

June 23- July 3, 2022
Sound installation in the group show produced by NOUCMAS and O Meteoritis, in the framework of the group project "Concrete Contract", an artistic research on the consequences of the use of concrete in Athens, Tirana and Diyarbakir [part of Vaha programme]

artists: Arnold Kapinova, Cansel Deveci and Baran Güven, Konstanza Kapsali, Nikos Arvanitis, Thalia Raftopoulou, Sofia Zafeiriou

Saturday, June 3, 2022
ART CINEMA- Three Gazes
Films screened
Amygdaliá by Christina Phoebe, Ancestors by Anthi Kougia and Luxenia by Dimitra Kondylatou.
Guest speaker together with Alkistis Efthimiou for a discussion after the screening, Trianon Cinema.

Sunday, May 15, 2022


Artistic practice in public space (picnic and discussion, 120’)
Participants: Xenia Kalpatsoglou, Giorgos Papadatos, Thalia Raftopoulou, Anna Tsouloufi-Lagiou and others
Meeting Point: Entrance to the park from Alexandras, Statue of Athina

11-16 May, 2022, performances- workshops- discussions- readings- walks
Lycabettus Hill/ Pedion Areos/ Filopappou Hill/ Strefi Hill/ Polytechnic Street/ EIGHT

A peripatetic public program on Hills and Fields of Athens invites us to examine together the ephemeral habitations in public space under the current circumstances and explore the possibilities for intervention, resistance and joy. To reflect upon the emergent urban geographies and hegemonies and rethinking the relationship between art practice and mental health, architecture and pedagogy, poetry and urban praxis. A call for impromptu collective explorations in the public and in between spaces of the city.

Performances, actions, discussions, talks, readings, picnic, interventions, walks and workshops for children and adults, seek to create a city wide ephemeral intervention on "Hills and Fields"; a call for repeated experimentations on the limits and uses of what is considered as the collective/shared spaces of the city.

Curated by Gigi Argyropoulou, Vasilis Noulas, Kostas Tzimoulis
Assistant production: Karolina Kallikourdi, Evi Noula, Elisavet Xanthopoulou
With the support of Greek Ministry of Culture

May 18, 2022
Artist talk "How to sort out noise", 12:00, in Elisavet Kiourtsoglou's course "Music Technology and Soundscapes", department of Culture, Creative Mediums and Industries, University of Thessaly, Greece.

April 5- May 1, 2022
ANTHOPOLEION, workshop and group show, or.artspace, Athens, Greece.
Ascends Summer of Descends Winter? Flower, video essay, 2022.

December 19, 2021
PET-DEMONIUM, curated by Comotirio aka Naira Stergiou and Eriphyli Veneri. Sound installation in pet grooming service facility, Athens.

November 19- 21, 2021
6th Conference of Acoustic Ecology Audiovisual Narratives, Thessaloniki, "A listening session/ Process as content: domestic recordings and the experience of sound in the case of the Athenian apartment building".

September 9-10-11, 2021
8th Mediterranean Congress for Aesthetics, Aesthetics of the Everyday in Contemporary Cities, presentation, "Comforting Noises: Listening in the Athenian Apartment Building".

2011-2021, PhD "Sound and Listening in the Athenian Apartment Building", Department of Theory and Art History, Athens School of Fine Arts, supported by the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (2011-2012) and by Onassis Foundation (2013- 2015).

May 11, 2020
Artist talk at Panagiotis Panopoulos' course "Anthropology of Sound", department of social anthropology, University of the Aegean.

December 12, 2019
Blablablack, Rebound Club Athens, Group show curated by Comotirio aka Naira Stergiou and Eriphyli Veneri, Soothing Bukowksi video installation.

May 28, 2017
"Closing Times - #1 Where Are We Now? Struggling Autonomies", Installation The Dancefloor - Hair, Green Park, Athens

May 31, 2016

The Soft Power Lectures Show, Installation "The Dance Floor, Through Our Dirty Pop Corn".
The final show of PAT’s programme assembled artworks on a basketball court at Panteion University that explored the exotic Athens of the crisis and creativity; and readdresses issues of power and institutions. Tuesday May 31st 2016 // 7-10pm, Basketball Court, Panteion University, Neos Kosmos, Athens [http://blog.goethe.de/actopolis/]

May 14-15, 2016

In this two-day workshop we attempted to collectively construct a dance floor while examining discussions around art and entertainment in public space. TwixtLab, Athens
more about the workshop

April 12, 2016

"Nothing personal except my keys - A conversation on 'The Conversation' by F.F.Coppola", with guest speaker the director Katerina Kalentzi, exhibition "WITH YOUR CONSENT" of the team Akoo-o.

March 18 - April 17, 2016

Paradise, group show, at Pirée, Piraeus, Greece

February 2016

Fones/Voices, publication - and book design, group Fones, "Narrations of favourite listenings - It’s like that and that’s the way I am", "Nothing personal except my keys" - Presentation of Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Conversation”, in Fones/Voices, ed. Elpida Rikou & Panayotis Panopoulos, Nisos publications, Athens, Greece

November 17, 2015

Noise as Space, artist talk, TwixtLab, Athens, Greece

September 24 - 28, 2015

Institutions Politics Performance, Conference and group exhibition, Green Park Athens, Greece

August 13 & 14, 2015

"Gegen Die Wand", Video projection, Stiege - Ulm, Germany

June 19-26, 2015

Green Park Athens, Group exhibition, temporary installation, The Dancefloor, Athens, Greece

April 21, 2015

Desktop Wallpapers Still Lifes With Roots premiere on Dazed Digital

January 19, 2015

Sound Series Lectures: "Noise As Space For Communication", Lecture, Athens School of Fine Arts, Circuits and Currents - ASFA Project Space