Weimar Public
The group was formed in 2008 and consisted of Loukas Bartatilas (1980), Sofia Dona (1981), Thalia Raftopoulou (1980) and Eriphyli Veneri (1983). From 2012 on Weimar Public are Bartatilas and Veneri. Until 2012 their interest focused on themes like the integration of art within architecture and the landscape, the definition of public space, the interaction between art and the social configurations, the exploration of the built, natural and human environment. Their endeavors were expressed and realised through installations, participatory projects and temporary interventions. Their works have been presented in Athens (Expanded Ecologies exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art), in Weimar, (Vom Labor Zum Projekt exhibition, Neues Museum) and Venice (parallel action to the Greek participation The Ark, Old Seeds for New Cultures, in the 12th International architecture exhibition- La Biennale di Venezia 2010).

contact: weimarpublic (at) gmail