Tuberous Morning Glory, 2012
in collaboration with Ariel Abrahams and Yiannis Mouravas
greeceworks residency 2012

In this project a group of participants discussed issues of "roots" on a late night train ride from Piraeus to Kifissia and back to Thisseio. The discussion began by comparing the difference between the terms "roots" and "heritage" as well as the idea of our real family roots and the fictional roots that we give ourselves in family mythology narratives.

At the end of the conversation, participants were asked to draw what they thought their roots looked like on the windows of the train. The window drawings set up a dialogue between our roots and the outside world: as more roots were drawn on the window, the less we were able to engage with the outside world. When the participants left the train they were asked to write all of the nicknames they were ever given on a piece of transparency.