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Works // credits

O Which Way The Wind Blows, video, special thanks to Davide Tidoni. This video inspired by the Weather Men, for the Weather Men.

O The Dance Floor III, Dance Floor With Cacti, 2016, shots 2,3 and 4 by Manos Chantzikonstantis

O The Dancefloor, 2015, shot of the installation by Elena Sarantopoulou

O Chris '98, 2012, driver Aggelos Theodorou, photos by Ariel Abrahams and Yiannis Mouravas

O Work of Art Alterations Store, 2012, was furnished by the Little Museum of Metaxourgeio

O Manolakis Reads Peiraios str., 2012, was realized by Manolis Daskalakis- Lemos. Thanks to Aggelos Theodorou for the drive

O The Fareweller, 2012, was Stella Chronopoulou

O I Do That I Do, 2011, we thank Kinisi Mavili for hosting us in the building of Embros theatre, Christina Spiliakopoulou, Stella Chronopoulou, Phanis Dalezios, Alexia Sarantopoulou for participating in the actions, the people that carried the canvases of D. Papaioannou as well as him for providing this material

O Minimum Terror, 2010, was photographed by Loukas Bartatilas

O Sweat, 2010, audio is mixed by Thalia Raftopoulou and includes samples from the following tracks: Running, by Gil Scott-Heron, from the album I'm new Here, XL Recordings, 2010 and Running, by Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange, from the radio broadcast The Dreams, 1964, UK

O Stou Gialou Ta Votsalakia, 2007, was realized by Stella Chronopoulou

O Music composition in the video Mountain, 2005, by Domenico Scarlatti, sonata for harpsichord 3.k.213 andante, D minor